Beyond RSM is our national Corporate Social Responsibility program which builds upon local office activities to enhance our overall social impact. 

For close to a century, we have been active in the many communities we live and work in across the country. From volunteer ambulance officers to surf life savers and fire fighters. From sitting on Boards of not-for-profits to providing pro bono services to a range of worthy organisations. We have been fortunate with the many opportunities we have received to give back.

Whether it’s through raising money for a cause, offering our time and insight, providing opportunities for students such as through scholarships or assisting charitable organisations with governance matters, our community work reflects our values as people and as a firm.

Over the years, the passion and commitment to support these causes has continued to grow. We strive to make a positive and tangible impact through our corporate social responsibility program, Beyond RSM.

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How do we currently reach 'Beyond RSM' and give back?

Nationally, RSM contributes to several CSR initiatives including supporting charities, actively participating in community events and providing pro bono services.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility is the concept that organisations have a degree of responsibility for the economic consequences of their activities and for the social and environmental implications.

RSM is committed to establishing better practices, improving society and acting in a transparent and accountable manner.

Camp Coin - Bringing financial smarts to classrooms and homes

Financial skills are important at virtually every stage of life yet it's surprising that our schools don't teach children about money. In an increasingly digital age where the use of cash and coin is also on the decline, the importance of having conversations about the history and value of money has never been more important. RSM’s Camp Coin program targets primary school children in Years 5 and 6 and comprises a workshop delivered by our accountants and financial advisers. It is free for schools to sign up - any parent or teacher can register their interest by filling out an online form. The workshop will cover sound financial skills in an interactive, engaging and memorable way - some of the topics covered include the history of money, managing needs vs wants, identifying the real value of items and budgeting.  

Sign up today for a free visit from Camp Coin!

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