There is a growing opportunity in Australia for the energy and resources sector.

Australia is rich in natural resources and is home to some of the world's best energy assets.

At RSM, we understand the difficulty of managing risk, providing optimal financial performance, and making effective decisions. Our specialist energy and resource sector team have the experience and in-depth knowledge you need to meet accountability demands and operate the best you can.

Image removed.As the energy sector in Australia continues its rapid rate of change, organisations and utility companies must continue to be on the front foot in being aware of new developments and adapting to new requirements.   

At RSM, we understand this challenge for energy and resource clients, and the importance of strategic thinking with the flexibility to adapt.





Jacob Elkhishin

National Leader, Energy & Resources


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How can we help you?

Image removed.At RSM, we have a client-centric approach focused on providing the highest quality of service. Our definition of success is focused on service excellence and building long-term relationships. RSM is well equipped to advise clients on a range of current issues such as increasing energy costs, gas shortages and availability, transitioning to clean energy and the ongoing impact of technology such as big data, smart meters and data sensors.

RSM’s expertise in the energy industry

RSM has been operating in the energy industry since 2002.    
We have developed expertise in the energy industry in many areas including:

  • Transaction advisory and valuations
  • ESG/Sustainability and Energy Transition
  • Management consulting
  • Taxation
  • Financial audit
  • Regulatory audit
  • Internal audit 

To prosper, the energy sector and utility companies will have to satisfy a diverse range of customer, business and community demands and do so in a rapidly changing regulatory and technological environment.

Partner and National Lead - ESG
Partner and National Lead - Sustainability