Private client

While your company may have a CFO to manage cash flow, forecasting and financial strategies, who do you trust to oversee your family’s financial affairs?

Our expert financial and business advisers can work with you to establish a family office, and act as your personal outsourced CFO to help you build and manage your personal wealth.

As your impartial confidant, we support you in navigating everything from everyday accounting to tax compliance, entity structuring, risk management, and complex family dynamics.

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Protect and manage your wealth with support from RSM.

Whether you need us to mediate a difficult family discussion or develop an astute philanthropic strategy, our goal is to secure your family’s financial future and help you leave a legacy you’re truly proud of.

We also have an established legal advisory network, or can work in partnership with your legal advisers and other parties to achieve your goals.

What we offer

Building wealth may be difficult, but managing it often proves even more challenging. Rely on RSM to provide a full suite of services designed to take the stress and risk of maintaining your wealth off your shoulders.

We form close, trusted relationships with our private and family office clients – guiding them in meeting their obligations while offering sound and objective advice so they can make informed decisions to reach their financial objectives.

Our team will collaborate with stakeholders including your board of directors, management, family and community to articulate, maintain and safeguard your vision with every piece of the puzzle working together for the benefit of the whole.


Contact us for:

  • Establishing, managing or restructuring a family office
  • Cash flow, forecasting and budgeting
  • Tax compliance
  • Obtaining “Justified Trust”
  • Strategic financial support
  • Philanthropic advice

Family office services

Looking for assistance with your private and family office?    
The expert team at RSM can help. Get in touch today.