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Modern Slavery - RSM Interim Statement

Last revised: October 2020.

RSM Australia is subject to the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 (‘Act’), which commenced on 1 January 2019. In accordance with the Act, our first annual modern slavery statement is due 31 March 2021.  In preparation of our first annual statement, this interim statement aims to set out some steps that RSM Australia is taking to ensure slavery is not taking place in our business or in our supply chains.

RSM Australia is committed to social and environmental responsibility. We are committed to working ethically, lawfully and with integrity in all business relationships. This includes a commitment to ensuring that slavery is not occurring within our operations or supply chains.  Our Partners and staff are expected to act with integrity and to respect others, as this forms part of our firm’s key values.

RSM Australia’s Code of Conduct and Ethics sets out our expectation of staff to behave lawfully and in a manner which is aligned to our values, professional regulations and ethical standards. This Code of Conduct and Ethics helps to maintain our firm’s reputation as responsible and ethical. Our Whistleblowing and Complaints Policy outlines effective processes designed to encourage both internal and external complaints, concerns or disclosures to be made.

RSM Australia is a one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, providing accounting, audit, tax and consulting services to clients across diverse industry sectors. RSM Australia’s supply chains enable the firm to successfully operate its growing business. The supply chains include office leasing, office supplies, external advice, hiring services, information technology services and equipment, learning and development and travel management. RSM Australia’s core values, policies and procedures help shape the governance agenda and ensure our suppliers align with our commitment to working ethically, lawfully and with integrity.

Through education and management of our staff and by aligning with ethical and lawful suppliers, RSM Australia seeks to ensure the Modern Slavery Act is adhered to within its supply chains and operations.

Some of the key items that RSM Australia is undertaking includes training of staff, review of policies and procedures, due diligence on supply chains, a review of supplier contracts and a review of the effectiveness of actions taken. By reviewing and measuring the effectiveness of actions, RSM Australia seeks to ensure that the risk of modern slavery in its operations and supply chains is effectively managed.

Preparation of the first statement has begun with a project group consisting of senior RSM Australia staff from across the business taking the necessary steps to ensure the firm’s compliance with the Act. This group’s focus relates to the assessment, implementation, and ongoing review of processes and actions. It is likely that the group will initially focus on elements of the supply chains with a higher risk of modern slavery.


The latest RSM Australia statement from December 2021 can be viewed here.


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