Family Law Services

By marshalling all the individual specialists typically involved in the successful settlement of family law matters into one team, RSM offers family law practitioners, from firms big or small, an alternative end-to-end service that could potentially deliver superior client outcomes.

By applying flexible solutions, encompassing the earliest stages of the family law process, through mediation and settlement, the team at RSM helped to turn an original offer of $50,000 into a six-figure client settlement.   

Engaging one preferred supplier, to support every facet of the family law process, can add value to your client engagement.   

The value-add comes from sharing specialists, including Single Expert, Shadow Expert and financial advocacy & planning roles, through to insolvency and beyond, as required and all provided under one (RSM) umbrella.

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We work with you to understand your needs, challenges and ambitions – and take a proactive approach to supporting your success.

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