Probity is often considered as the "integrity & uprightness" of a process.

Public and occasionally private sector organisations, conduct tender processes and as part of these processes, often require the appointment of a probity advisor or probity auditor.integrity & uprightness 

RSM provides independent and objective advice on tender and transaction processes to assist organisations ensure the process is fair, equitable and most importantly, defensible.

While the majority of our projects are delivered to public sector entities, we occasionally work with private sector entities to help them assert the integrity of their specific process.



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How can we help you?

Often, we are asked to conduct an audit of the procurement process to provide an opinion as to the probity of the tender process which goes toward maintaining stakeholder confidence in the tender processes.

The RSM probity team has extensive experience in delivering both probity advice and assurance engagements across infrastructure, services, technology, managing contractor and divestment projects, state purchasing contracts, strategic procurements, public private partnerships, grants and licensing and other projects.

As an experienced supplier of probity advisory services, we have an established probity methodology that enables us to deliver our services in an effective and efficient manner. However, as part of the RSM Australia Risk Advisory group, we work with our cients to ensure a pragmatic and risk-based approach is established that aligns with both the transaction and organisational risk profile and appetite.

We have developed and artefacts and tools that are tried and tested and readily applied to your project. As necessary, these are tailored where necessary to ensure the project’s probity risk and needs are met throughout all phases and transaction activities.

As Chartered Accountants and process experts, our probity services are commercially sound while maintaining the integrity of the process remains a priority always. The combination of these characteristics ensures a value for money outcome is delivered to our clients.

In delivering probity auditor services, providing a clear interpretation of the application of relevant policies, procedures and the probity framework is critical to ensure theyare consistent with government laws and legislation, guidelines and best practice principles. We have significant experience in working with project teams to ensure policies and the interpretations of, and procedures are being incorporated into the tender processes. However, probity assurance/auditing services are provided at key project milestones where audit opinions are provided rather than the provision of ongoing probity advice.

For significant projects that have been determined as “High Value, High Risk” there is a requirement for the probity advisor and auditor roles to be separate.

RSM have developed comprehensive probity processes and tools for procurement and transaction projects ranging from small goods and services contracts, large and complex public-private-partnerships for the procurement of critical public infrastructure and divestment of major assets.

With over 26 years’ experience in delivering probity services, RSM adds value and independence to the process through:

  • the provision of specialist experience across a large range of transactions
  • objectively observing the process from outside of the process team
  • maintaining our objectivity in providing advice throughout the process
  • sensitivity to and having a thorough understanding of the process and business requirements 

This provides RSM with the experience to provide you with commercial and realistic advice that identifies and mitigates all probity risks in an effective and efficient manner to allow for both a robust tender / transaction process, which complies with required regulatory frameworks and importantly, is defensible if the process was to be challenged or scrutinised.