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As a trusted advisor with over 27 years of experience, Michael Shatter brings an informed and expert perspective as a Director of the Risk Advisory Services division in Melbourne.

Michael Shatter is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.

Specialising in delivering probity advice and services to an extensive range of public sector and government enterprise clients across all jurisdictions, Michael delivers practical and defensible probity advice that aligns with the highest probity standards of Australian and state governments. Working with teams that focus on Probity & Assurance as well as Security & Privacy services - both services reflect his focus on the security and integrity of information and related processes.

ifrs accounting standardsMichael has worked on extensive strategic and tactical probity advisory and assurance projects, from small but complex procurements to high-risk and high-value transactions. These procurements have included complexities associated with technical challenges or incumbency/market risks through to high-profile and high-value risk profiles that need the independent comfort from a probity practitioner with credibility and a robust record, Some of the larger projects include Public-Private Partnership transactions through to alliance or managing contractor arrangements for some of the country’s and State’s highest profile projects.

Michael has also been responsible for the delivery of comprehensive Cyber Security Assessments, Internal and External Penetration Tests, Social Engineering Security Reviews, and comprehensive reviews of information technology and communication controls of medium to large organisations. 

With a comprehensive education, skill, and experience in maintaining the integrity of some of the highest risk and profile projects in the country, Michael has been involved in sensitive investigations and reviews of transactions to analyse and opine on their integrity and identify breaches in integrity and process.

Before joining RSM, Michael was with the risk consulting practice of a 'Big 4' firm for 11 years.  In addition to delivering probity services throughout his career, he has worked in the security, control, and privacy of information, business, and financial information systems and processes. More recently, Michael also established the Cyber Security and Privacy practice at RSM Australia.

"I find it rewarding to connect with my clients and work closely with them, to not only overcome probity challenges but to ensure that integrity is embedded in their projects in a commensurate and commercial manner, maintaining focus on the project objectives. However, it is the meaningful and long-term business relationships that have been created over my career which provides the motivation to continue to deliver probity in a personable, professional and enjoyable manner".

Michael has been the probity advisor and auditor on Australia’s largest recent privatisation projects, including the recent Port of Melbourne Medium Term Lease, and Long Term Lease of TransGrid (NSW). He has also assisted governments in delivering their public-private projects, such as the recent Ravenhall Prison Project for the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation. 

These projects, combined with hundreds of other procurement projects across a broad range of goods and services, have resulted in RSM Australia being one of the most experienced probity practitioners in the country.

Outside RSM, Michael has a deep-seeded love and respect for karate and is passionate about cycling,  both as a participant and spectator (although he regrets the time zone he lives in!). Acknowledging that probity can be a conversation killer, Michael has a quirky knack for making his interactions with people and clients, as well as the delivery of professional probity advice,  enjoyable and memorable.

Solutions Michael Shatter providesmanagement system reviews

  • Procurement, and project and organisation governance
  • Probity advisory services across the initial through to contract execution of a large range of procurements and commercial transactions
  • Probity audit of transactions that require an independent opinion on the integrity and appropriateness of the process
  • Delivery of comprehensive and project-wide probity services for public-private projects
  • Probity services for large government divestment and privatisation projects
  • Tender development and evaluation services
  • Probity investigations and post-transaction reviews
  • Project and process governance development
  • Governance and probity plan development
  • Financial and business probity process risk management
  • Financial and business process controls and assurance
  • Probity training development and delivery
  • Probity and transaction process presentations and workshops

Michael previously was extensively involved with and can assist clients with:

  • Cyber security risk assessment
  • Cyber security tests and reviews
  • Penetration testing (internal and external)
  • Vulnerability assessments of existing systems and networks
  • Performance of multi-vector social engineering assessments
  • SCADA security process reviews
  • Physical security assessments
  • Counter-surveillance measures assessments
  • Security awareness training
  • Computer forensics
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Business continuity planning

Significant projects

Michael delivers probity services to various complex and significant projects, including the integration of probity into organisation risk management frameworks. Some of his notable projects include:

  • Assisted both the NSW and Victorian Governments in the implementation and management of probity across multiple billion-dollar divestment transactions including privatisation of energy and commercial ports.
    • NSW Energy Privatisation program of its generation, distribution, and retail business
    • Privatisation of the Port of Melbournerisk consulting
    • Privatisation of Port Botany
    • Privatisation of Port Kembla
    • Privatisation of Newcastle Ports
    • Disability and Community Services Transfer Program, NSW
  • Ensured a probity culture was established and maintained through various public-private-partnership community infrastructure projects, including private prisons, court facilities, and state road projects.
    • Victorian private prison Public-Private-Partnership Projects, most recently, the Ravenhall Prison Project
    • The North East Link Project
    • Major Roads Projects Victoria
    • Court Services
    • Frankston Hospital Redevelopment Projects
    • Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority Projects
    • Correction Services Building Authority Projects
  • Worked closely with a national communications infrastructure provider over the last five years to maintain probity across its rollout of key technical infrastructure and services, ensuring Commonwealth and organisations probity processes are in place and being maintained.
    • NBN infrastructure construction projects
    • NBN systems and process projects

Professional associations

  • Fellow, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Institute of Internal Auditors


  • Bachelor of Business – Accounting (Deakin University)

Events & Presentations

  • “Cyber threats are endless, so protect your organisation’s crown jewels”, Acuity Journal (2019)
  • “Cyber Crime”, ACFE Fraud Conference Asia Pacific, Singapore (2016)
  • “Does your investment in Security Deliver Value” presented at the Australian Cyber Security Conference, Canberra (2017)
  • "Future Crime: A virtual certainty" - 32nd Governance Institute of Australia National Conference (2015)
  • “Integrity in Procurement” presented to the Singapore Auditor General’s Office (2012)

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