What did you do before coming to RSM?

I was studying Business Administration at the University of Agder during my bachelor’s degree, where I also did an exchange year at Oregon State University, USA. Following this, I finished my master’s degree in Accounting and Business Control at BI Norwegian Business school where I had a two-month internship working at Orkla, a leading branded consumer goods company. Besides my masters’ studies I was working as an accounting worker in a digital marketing company and as an internal auditor in a recruitment firm.

When I applied to become an associate for RSM, I was searching for a full-time job that would be exciting and would give me a steep learning curve as well as the opportunity to work closely with clients. I was also looking for an organisation that had a good social and working environment.

During my interview I was fascinated to see that the managing director knew the names of all the employees in the company, which emphasised that the workplace felt personal and inclusive. This strongly influenced me to join RSM.

What was your first impression and experience of being part of the RSM global family?

During my first day as an associate, I felt very excited as it was part of a two-week onboarding programme that was filled with academics during the day and social activities at night. It was never scary because there were so many people in the same position as me. I was surprised of how welcoming the company was and how included I felt from the first day. I was also impressed by the effort put into the training programme for associates.

“RSM has given more responsibility than any of my previous employers.” 

When I joined RSM, I met people different and similar interests as myself. My experience is that RSM supports employees to pursue their interests and offers weekly football practice, tennis and high intensity workouts at the gym, amongst other activities. There is something for everyone and RSM – which is the Power of Being understood.

What opportunities have you been given at RSM?

When a colleague and I was provided the opportunity to present our master thesis at the European Accounting Association conference, we were supported and encouraged by RSM to take this opportunity which made me feel appreciated and understood. There were 1 200 people and academics, gathered from 49 different counties. We were overwhelmed by the support from RSM during this special time and they encouraged us to take this opportunity to present at the conference. Even though this was in the middle of the busy season in auditing, we were able to attend a full week at the conference. RSM facilitates everyone to be themselves and follow their aspirations.

Outside of RSM, what do you enjoy doing? 

I am a person that is driven by excitement and loves nothing more than to travel and explore new cultures, food, and people. I also find it important to be social together with my friends and family. When I travel to a destination, I enjoy organizing the trip in advance. The ability to organize effectively has also been an important quality working in RSM.

“When travelling, I also meet people of different cultures and backgrounds which I have found to be beneficial when meeting new clients - my interest in travelling has made me better at understanding different people.”