What did you do before coming to RSM?

Before I joined the RSM Team, I was working part-time at a smaller tax advisor company in the suburbs of Vienna and studying Business Law at the WU-Vienna University of Economics and Business. Due to commuting back and forth between my workplace, my university and my home took up too much time, I was looking for a role near my university. Although I actually enjoy travelling by train (it is sometimes my only me-time in the day where I can listen to music and relax), it was simply no longer effective in terms of time to commute.          

What was your first impression of RSM?

Honestly, on my first day at RSM, I felt quite overwhelmed and nervous. I had doubts about being able to meet the job requirements since in my last job I was more involved in accounting than in tax law. However, as it turned out, my worries were completely unfounded and thanks to the successful cooperation with my incredible team leader, I quickly settled into my new job.  

What was particularly exciting was the diverse range of international clients that I was able to work with at RSM. Furthermore, the extremely friendly and service-oriented way of dealing with them was also surprising to me. I realised that the brand promise, The Power of Being Understood was not just an empty phrase but was actually lived at RSM in our relationships with the clients. 

How have you been able to develop your career at RSM? 

I am a very ambitious, sometimes perfectionistic person who knows what I want. I have set myself the goal of becoming a tax consultant, which is why the job at RSM fits perfectly with my professional dream. 

“At RSM, I have experienced that the compatibility of studies and work, works very well and that my needs are generously taken into account”

For example, I can organise my working day myself, and I was given permission to write online exams from the office and flexibly divide up my time, for which I am very grateful. In this sense, I have always felt seen and accepted in my needs at RSM Austria which is why I like to appreciate my job so much here.

My wishes have always been heard at RSM Austria. In 2020, my life had turned around 180 degrees due to the pandemic. While my everyday life before COVID-19 was characterised by social interaction at the university and in the office, I suddenly felt very isolated due to the exclusively required distance learning at university and the home office. So, I asked to be allowed to work in the office more often again, under the necessary protective measures, of course. My wish was understood and it was made possible for me to work more often on site again.

Moreover, I am so grateful to my mentor and team leader who has always been a support with any issues I’ve had. In this sense, he is not only my team leader but also an important mentor and coach from whom I learn daily, both professionally and personally.

For three years, I have been a Trainee tax adviser here at RSM Austria. My experiences here have definitely encouraged me in becoming a tax adviser. I know it's not an easy path. However, with the support of my colleagues, with whom my daily life is so much more fun, and my encouraging team leader inspire and motivate me every day to not give up on my dream of becoming soon a successful tax consultant at RSM Austria.