What did you do before coming to RSM?

I joined RSM South Africa after having completed my undergraduate degree at Wits University and Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy at Milpark Education, to pursue my 3-year chartered accountancy training. I was looking for a firm where I would be able to add value and be valued.

What appealed to you about RSM?

RSM South Africa came to give a career talk at my high school in Soweto (a township in the south of Johannesburg) when I didn’t even know what a Chartered Accountant was. This talk opened up my horizons; I was curious, did research on the profession, and I was able to align my career path accordingly.

It was this visit to our school that sparked a hopeful future, and that is what made this Firm to stand out from others, as most firms usually introduce their brand to potential candidates during university career days. This was truly The Power of Being Understood. The Firm understood that South Africa is a diverse country, with people from different backgrounds. Today, there are still brilliant young minds who are not able to reach their potential due to a lack of information, especially in rural villages and townships.

I wanted to grow as a young professional and develop into an ethical, competent, and valuable member of society and the CA profession, to be able to affect positive change in my community and my country.

How has your experience at RSM been?

Since I joined the firm, my experience, in one word, has been growth. I had the opportunity to audit companies from different industries (such as manufacturing, aviation, health care, marketing, financial services, just to name a few) within South Africa and international companies as well.

On my first day at RSM South Africa, we commenced the induction training, and I felt at peace, satisfied with my choice of a training firm as a result of how we were warmly welcomed. Part of our onboarding process included being of introduced to the RSM global brand, its DNA, and the Five Characteristics which I resonate with. I think for any organisation to thrive, it needs critical thinkers, collaborative people, people who care about you and recognise one’s humanity, people who don’t shy away from being curious and courageous enough to ask the difficult questions in order to produce quality work and best serve our clients.

At RSM in South Africa, it truly is “come as you are”, and a space will be provided for you to grow into who you want to be. I have the privilege of collaborating with diverse teams from different cultural backgrounds, race, age, and gender.

“RSM’s Five Characteristics are not just words, they are lived out, top-down. You are not just another employee; you are seen, and you are valued.”

Who are you outside of RSM?

Outside work, I enjoy immersing myself in nature through hiking. This has been an interest of mine as a young girl who grew up in the rural villages of Mpumalanga. Living in the city requires one to unplug and unwind from the busyness of life. I am able to re-centre and reflect on my journey thus far and strategise on ways to improve in my personal and professional life.

Hiking also provides a visual representation of how life and work are. They are full of ups and downs, need a resilient spirit, and require you to keep an eye on the prize (the view and the feeling of satisfaction once you reach the top). I apply this metaphor in my role at RSM as well. I understand that it is part of the growth process and that the rewards are worth it.