RSM World Day 2016

RSM World Day is a very special event in RSM’s busy calendar. This year, staff around the world celebrated our fifth RSM World Day – and yet again – our member firms pulled out all the stops to make it a huge success.

As you can see from the photographs in this magazine, on the 22nd  of September 2016, the member firms of the RSM network united together through acts of kindness and generosity, partnering with national, or local, charities, through volunteering and community work, and other internal and external activities that strengthen our global connections — building relationships and encouraging all to learn about RSM.

Whether it’s visiting a hospital, going boating, drilling a well, giving blood or having a party, the aim was to celebrate our collective belief in collaboration, understanding and ideas and insight; the values that underpin our corporate positioning: ‘The Power of Being Understood’.

Five years on from the first RSM World Day, it is amazing how many people, charities, businesses and communities have benefited from our common actions, and we hope this will continue for many years to come. We hope you enjoy reading the RSM World Day 2016 Magazine, below.


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