Macedonia: Changes to the Corporate Income Tax law

According to the last changes on the Corporate Income Tax law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia no. 112/14 from 25/07/2014), the obligation for paying corporate income tax (CIT) on net income is restored as from the fiscal year 2014. The CIT rate remains 10%. In the period of five foregoing years, the CIT wasn’t paid after the submission of the year-end report. Only the tax on unrecognised costs was calculated and paid. The companies had the obligation to pay the CIT only if they distributed dividends. With the current changes of the Corporate Income Tax law, the obligation of annual payment of this CIT is restored, resulting in an increase of the monthly advanced payment of the CIT.


Tax losses can be carried forward up to three years ahead, upon approval by the tax authorities.

Reinvested income

With the changes to the Corporate Income Tax Law, there is a possibility to reduce the tax obligation by reporting the reinvested income. The amount of the reinvested income reduced the tax basis. The listed tax benefit is a stimulation of growth of commercial entities, for the investments, which will increase the basis of commercial entities.

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