Monica Barzaghi
Director (Salary Partner)

Office : Milano

Monica is Director at RSM Società de Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile S.p.A. and is responsible for the Banking and Financial Services Division at RSM S.p.A.

Monica is a chartered accountant and auditor with many years’ experience in prominent auditing and accounting organisation companies, developing specific skills in the banking and finance sector. She collaborates with prestigious banking and financial companies which also belong to groups listed on the stock exchange.

She has participated in ASSIREVI round tables, contributing by preparing research documents to draft specific review principles in the banking and financial sector.

Responsible for the Quality Department at RSM S.p.A.


  • Director at RSM Società di Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile S.p.A.
  • Responsible for the Banking and Financial Services Division at RSM S.p.A.
  • Responsible for the Quality Department at RSM S.p.A.
  • Member of the Corporate Reporting Forum at Assirevi - a body responsible for drafting technical documents with reference to extra-financial, ESG, Sustainability, Integrated Reporting and DNF issues.
  • Responsible for auditing the accounts of financial companies
  • Responsible for internally auditing financial companies


  • External auditing on financial statements and consolidated financial statements. Accounting assistance and guidance for prominent companies in the Banking and Finance Sector
  • Study and assessment of the internal control system and support activities for internal audits 
  • Business consulting projects (formation of management companies, SICAF, unified register, securitisations, pool audits and specific report material)
  • Extraordinary transactions and M&A (due diligence, mergers, sale of company branches) and setting up specific report material (information memorandum, teasers, business plans) to be presented to company management and/or institutional investors
  • Drafting procedural manuals (operative and accounting) followed by company reorganisation projects
  • Auditing on reporting packages and/or their specific accounting entries (Agreed Upon Procedures)
  • Transition to international financial reporting standards (IFRS)


  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Non-financial information