26 July 2021

Global Minimum Tax Looms

In a landmark deal set to reform the international tax landscape, 130 OECD member countries including New Zealand signed up to an agreement to address concerns that multinational entities (“MNE”) should pay their fair share, wherever they operate.
5 July 2021

Wellington Lockdown – Inland Revenue announces further support payments

The announcement of a further lockdown in the Capital has resulted means a further resurgence support payment (“RSP”) is available for affected businesses.  The RSP assists businesses and organisations to remain viable where the Covid-19 Alert Level...
24 June 2021

Bright-line test extension and interest deduction limitations.

In our recent property seminar, we covered various tax issues, including the bright-line extension and interest deduction limitations on residential investment property.
22 June 2021

Business Resilience & Six things your business needs to do now

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for basic business acumen and the reality today is that we could be facing an onslaught of restructuring if organisations fail to make the right decisions now.
13 April 2021

Addressing Climate Risk – Practical Steps

You may be thoroughly sick of hearing about climate change in the media.  You may be deep into the issue and have already devoured and be planning to comment on the Climate Change Commission’s recent report.  You may be underway with making changes...
8 March 2021

2021 - Covid-19, Organisational Sustainability and Climate Risks

2021 - A year of new challenges? Or perhaps a year of raised profile of things that have always been there? Covid-19, organisational sustainability and climate risk are 3 big areas we think demand strategic consideration by all organisations.  Here’...
1 March 2021

Tax Rate Increase – What you need to know

It may seem like a bad April Fool’s joke but 1 April and an increase in the top tax rate is only a stone’s throw away.   In this article we discuss the 39% increase introduced by Labour and what you need to consider prior to 31 March.
1 March 2021

Tax Loss Carry Back Scheme – A Recap

On 30 April 2020, the Government enacted a temporary measure to enable taxpayers to carry back tax losses as part of ongoing Covid-19 business support measures. This rule was effective from 15 April 2020 as part of the Government’s measures to look...
14 December 2020

2020 in Review - a Message from our Chairman

What a year it has been.  This time last year, if you had read about the events of 2020 you could well have thought you were reading a science fiction novel. 
30 November 2020

Ideas & Insights - Tax Update

2020 is nearing an end and what a year it has been! As the international response to the Covid-19 outbreak continues we are working closely with clients both domestically and globally to prepare, respond, and share our experiences from a New Zealand...
27 November 2020

Extended External Reporting

Accountants are wonderful at providing the world with new acronyms.  EER is one of these.  This article looks at what this means and why it is important and starting to attract a lot more attention. 
25 November 2020

RSM World Day 2020

Each year RSM firms around the world take a day out of their busy schedules to reflect, refresh, and unite as a part of World Day.