Is culture more important than strategy for your organisation's survival?

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Thursday 23 June 4.30pm - 7pm

The world charitable organisations work in is changing fast and the new funding models are forcing increasing levels of change, innovation and different operating models.  How they respond to these changes will determine their likely survival.

In this seminar our guest presenter will explore the above question, discuss recent changes in New Zealand, and their implications.  He will then look at how charitable organisations can build a culture that enables them to respond and successfully implement the strategies and tactics to adapt to this new environment.

A must attend seminar for CEOs, managers and Board Members of charitable organisations. Darren Ward, Managing partner of the direct impact group, has experiences in the front line of leading and governing NGOs.  In addition, through his international and domestic consulting work in the NGO sector he brings a broad understanding of these issues, the context in which they are applied and how organisations can realistically take steps to adapt in a resource constrained and uncertain environment.

Darren will provide an overview of which cultural traits are ideal for an organisation to thrive in a changing environment as identified by organisations in the sector as part of a project the direct impact group worked on for the International Civil Society Centre - the umbrella body of the world's most known charity / NGO brands. The findings are relevant and practical for charitable organisations of all sizes and in all areas of work.

Darren Ward | Presenter

darren_ward.jpgDarren has over 15 years experience in senior leadership roles in the commercial and NGO sectors, including seven years leading an international NGO. He also has over 10 years experience in NGO governance. His consulting focuses on strategy development, strategy execution, organisational development, change management and marketing alignment. Having served in a wide range of roles in both corporate and CSO organisations he has been part of significant change initiatives and organisational re- prioritisation.

He has delivered significant performance gains across organisations of all sizes and stages of development. In addition to his consulting experience, he offers business coaching and provides strategic leadership to the direct impact group in his role as managing partner. Darren has served on various NGO Boards and as a strategic advisor to Boards and management. 

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