Public Sector

Since 1993 we have been actively involved and with now three Approved Auditors of the Office of the Auditor-General, we understand Public Sector issues.

RSM has significant experience in the audit of the education sector, as well as other public sector entities such as siginificant public amenities.

We regularly advise and present on issues important to Public Sector reporting including service performance assurance and other non-financial information assurance.

We take very seriously our role as the eyes and ears of the Auditor General in order to protect public funds.

The importance of segregation of duties in preventing fraud

16 June 2016
The National Business Review (NBR) recently published an article profiling Upper Hutt College, whose former executive officer Donald Hancox plead guilty to 10 fraud charges in relation to his swindling $375,000 from the college. 

Newsletter for Schools

23 March 2016
School sector reviews happening in 2016 We appreciate that various reviews are often happening in schools in New Zealand but we think two of these underway in 2016 have potential to be quite significant longer term. 1.     Review of the Education Act 1989

Consolidations – an accounting or a strategic issue?

26 January 2016
We’ve previously advised that consolidations of entities for accounting purposes is likely to be one of the more challenging aspects of complying with the new mandatory accounting standards.  While the accounting concept and mechanics need working through, it is perhaps more important and possibly more beneficial to consider this issu