For us, Movember is a unique opportunity to initiate conversations, encourage openness, and foster support for mental health challenges. 

We talked to our boys - Partner Ben Cooper, Lee McLeod, and Joshua Dahlberg - about what this means to them.

  • Why is Movember important to you? 

    Ben: We all know someone that has been impacted by mental illness.  Men often face stigmas and stereotypes that discourage them from seeking help for mental health issues.  My hope is that fundraising through Movember will help contribute to breaking these stigmas by raising awareness for men’s mental health. 
    Lee: For what it represents – most men I know have a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards topics like prostate or testicular cancer, so it’s good to put it in peoples’ faces. Mental health is probably the most important thing full stop. It’s the lens through which we experience life, so it’s got to be on point!  

    Josh: Because mental health is the biggest killer of all men. It’s a real struggle for so many males, with so many who are afraid of being vulnerable and talking about it. Creating as much awareness as possible and doing something to encourage males that its okay to talk and open up means a whole lot to me. We cannot lose anymore good men to suicide.

  • The sudden departure of facial hair leaves an interesting mark, how did it feel being clean shaven?  

    Ben: So fresh and so clean.

    Lee: Normal… my inability to grow-a-mo means I’m usually clean shaven.  

    Josh: Like bliss. Couldn't wait for the mo to grow.

  • Do you have a facial hair story or anecdote you’d like to share?  
    Ben: I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.

  • What are some important messages you would want the men close to you to know about their health?

    Lee: Get checked. Everything in moderation, the best diet/lifestyle is the one you can stick to. 

    Josh: It is okay to be vulnerable and reach out for help. You are not alone. The worlds a better place with you in it. 

  • How do you bring these values to work and see it in the RSM culture?

    Ben: It’s important to create a supportive culture that values open communication and empathy. Encourage support and acknowledge the importance of well-being. 

    Lee: It’s great to see how everything checks in with each other, there’s always laughter in the office which is great. 

    Josh: Constant support throughout team members, no matter what the challenge is. Good vibes and good energy, making a happier working environment.

  • So much of men’s mental health surrounds vulnerability and communication. Is there something you, your friends etc that you’d like to share or add as an example of this? 

    Ben: Make time to hang out with just the boys, this is a time when we will drop our defenses and talk about our problems.

    Lee: We all are dealing or have dealt with some adversity, and we’re all in it together. There’s no shame in talking to people about your problems, we all have them. 

Though the razors took a temporary backseat at RSM this month, we're really proud of the efforts made throughout the firm to support this awesome cause Through humor, fundraising, and a sprinkle of facial fuzz, we hope to make a serious impact on men's mental health.You can support our fundraiser here