Post covid will see many challenges, including for funding that charitable groups, NGO's, NFP's and other community groups need in order to survive.

They play a vital role in our society. This paper by Craig Fisher and Steven Moe looks at those issues and explores possible solutions.


As part of Vision Week, Craig & Steven hosted a webinar to discuss the paper - you can view the video or listen to the audio version podcast below.

Simply by sailing in a new direction,
you could enlarge the world - 
Allen Curnow

Taking inspiration from the Allen Curnow quote above about exploration and charting new territory, the purpose of the "Thought and Action Paper" is to apply critical thinking about what the questions are that we need to be asking at this time. 

In the paper we outline 7 critical questions that we think Boards and leaders need to be considering when they are 'charting the future' and looking to the new environment we find ourselves in. 

While the paper has a focus on Charities, Community Groups and Not for Profits, the challenges will be equally applicable to other organisations.  

The paper covers the following:

  • Introduction
  • Part I: Overview of the Challenges
  • Part II: The 7 hard questions we need to be asking
  • Part III: The Opportunities
  • Conclusion
  • Biographies

This is the introduction to the Paper:

Covid-19 is forcing us to ask some hard questions. Our focus in this paper is on charities, NGOs, NFPs and community sector organisations as it has accelerated conversations for them about sustainability. However, many of these concepts will apply to other organisations as well in this unique moment in time

Early explorers like those described in the quote who sailed to new places relied on charts, maps, stars. We also are headed towards new locations as a result of the crisis and we need to be asking the right questions to get there. In this paper we want to dive deep into some key issues that we see organisations are facing in order to provide a constructive framework for considering the future.

We don’t have all the answers. But there are lots of fantastic minds, skills and experience within our sector. Hence, we hope that some of the questions and provocations that we pose within this paper will further assist firing up some lively neurons to help organisations change and thrive