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Standard Terms and Conditions - RSM New Zealand

Please note this document is only applicable to the trading entities RSM New Zealand (Auckland) and RSM New Zealand (Auckland North).  If you are an audit client through RSM Hayes Audit, you will be provided with a separate document outlining your engagement terms


RSM New Zealand (Auckland) and RSM New Zealand (Auckland North) offer their clients standard terms and conditions of engagement for all work we undertake on their behalf. 

The Standard Terms and Conditions are accompanied by an engagement letter which record our entire understanding and agreement to the services requested. 

All clients are reaquired to agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions and sign a valid engagemnent letter for us to continue acting on their behalf. 


RSM New Zealand (Auckland)


RSM New Zealand (Auckland North)



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Charles Worth
Chairman, Partner - Auckland
Colin Wilson
Partner - Auckland
Craig Cooper
Partner - Auckland
Dean Stevens
Partner - Auckland
Emily Xu 許敏
Partner - Auckland North
Grant Hally
Partner - Auckland
Liz Groenewegen
Managing Partner - Auckland
Lloyd Kirby
Partner - Auckland North
Lyle Irwin
International Contact Partner - Auckland North
Nicola Turner
Partner - Auckland
Robert Willis
Consultant - Auckland
Steve Young
Partner - Auckland
Tony Oliver
Partner - Auckland
Wei Chen 陳偉
Partner - Auckland