Innovation in food and beverage

An important client RSM feels privileged to work alongside and assist is the FoodBowl based in the Auckland Airport precinct. 

Owned by Callaghan Innovation and Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED) it has a strategic aim of lifting the performance of the NZ food and beverage processed foods industry. 

It is an independent, food safe, and export accredited open access facility for product testing.  It works with a range of companies driving innovation with a strong focus on quality and new products.  Within the Verissimo Drive facility, the factory has seven independent processing halls or mini-factories fitted out with a wide range of state of the art, export-certified equipment.

Innovative, clever and bold products are being developed and tested every day at The FoodBowl.  The support offered by technical staff at The FoodBowl , makes a real difference to the inventiveness and speed that a new product development process can get the new product into either the local and/or international markets.

The following examples highlight the range of activities they undertake;

  • Worked with Cedenco on a confidential project assessing drying technologies and different recipes for an exported dried vegetable ingredient. They were evaluating the business case to set up a freeze drying facility in Gisborne and had encountered a very specific quality issue with one of their key products so the project was designed to specifically test how Cedenco’s process could be changed to increase the quality attribute the customer required.
  • Helped to produce a natural choice beverage that is an infusion of the hibiscus flower, in soda water, a healthy alternative drink.They provided technical help with recipe development and to test the process on a small commercial scale before moving to a contract manufacturer. The FoodBowl staff were able to guide and assist and to provide appropriate equipment to complete all the testing.
  • Trevelyan’s of Tauranga worked with The FoodBowl to trial a range of pasteurisation techniques. They initially used heat then moved to advanced high pressure processing, using pressure at cold temperatures to extend shelf life. Trevelyan’s were able to get a clear understanding of the advantages of processing kiwifruit using new forms of technology available to trial at The FoodBowl. The FoodBowl was able to provide access to knowledge and equipment Trevelyan’s wouldn’t otherwise have, in a safe, confidential and hygienic environment.
  • Plate Me required a particular technology to give their meals long shelf life without adding preservatives, and approached The FoodBowl to use the retorting equipment for trials right through to early stage commercial production. They were pleased to be able to access The FoodBowl for this early stage work, as they wouldn’t have been able to commercialise their product without spending a large sum of money to set up their own plant

In the 2017 year in addition to working with 243 companies innovating through the FoodBowl, they helped upskill over 300 Food and beverage professionals by delivering 29 workshops.

RSM commenced working with the Food Bowl through the build and fit out stages and provides monthly reporting and forecasting to assist in the smooth and efficient running of this public benefit entity.