At RSM we love to share good ideas, innovation, and helpful resources. The team at Sport NZ are in our view leaders in providing useful information and educational material to sports organisations. However much of this good information equally translates to valuable resources for the wider NFP/Charitable sector.

Governance 101 is one of their latest initiatives and we think well worth sharing.

  • High quality interactive training
  • Covering the key principles of not-for-profit governance
  • Connected to the governance framework for sport and recreation
  • Free, online, 2-3 hours to complete

Focusing on;

  • Clarity of purpose and setting outcomes
  • The board as genuine governors - acting as a layer of ownership rather than a layer of management
  • Being accountable for the use of time and money

Course Includes:

Module 1: The role of the director
Module 2: The board's strategic role
Module 3: Recruiting and inducting for the board
Module 4: How to prepare for and participate in a board meeting
Module 5: Board accountability, ethics and integrity
Module 6: Resources, tools and advice to help put better governance into practice
Module 7: Short learning check to confirm you've understood critical learnings from the programme.

Who is Governance 101 for?

  • Aimed at not-for-profit directors on "Governance Boards". Generally this is where there is a logical governance/staff separation.
  • All directors on these boards, even experienced practitioners will find the refresher useful.
  • Chief executives and senior staff.
  • The modules are broadly generic with limited sport specificity. They are available to the wider NFP sector.

Governance 101 is live on the learning platform.