RSM - a new unified brand

What’s in a name? Flags, brands, and banners we operate under as organisations.  Are they important?  They’re the labels we choose to define and present ourselves to the world.  To define who we are and what we stand for.  So should one change?

From October 26, 2015 we have simplified and changed our branding.  A defining day for RSM and the 37,500 partners and staff of each of the RSM member firms internationally as we come together under a single unified name and brand – RSM.

A brand change is a business decision, but naturally it is one that is full of emotion.  To some who are comfortably familiar with and attached to the old; they may be concerned that the sun won’t come up the next day.  To others wanting to modernise and freshen up the image; it's an opportunity to retain the best of the old yet also update and embrace the exciting promise of the future.

We have not simply changed the design and colours of our logo, we have recommitted to our global and local strategies, to the other firms in our international network, and to the actions that will make us even more successful together.  To better serve clients and to provide more opportunities for our team to excel.

In this context it is interesting to reflect on the current flag debate in New Zealand.  A debate prompting responses ranging from strong opinions of some - to complete indifference from others.    However, in my view it is a debate worth having.  No matter what the final outcome it’s a useful opportunity to objectively reflect on who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.  What it means to be a New Zealander in 2015 in an increasingly globally connected world.  Whether what we have now respects the past and also remains relevant.  Or whether it is time to update and freshen up our image.

Bring on more of this debate.  It’s a healthy feature in any democracy.

With our new global unified RSM brand we are looking forward to bringing the best advice available internationally coupled with the best we can offer locally. 

We’ve chosen our new RSM flag.

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