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RSM World Day 2019

RSM world day is a day where firms around the world take a day out of our busy schedule to reflect, refresh, unite as a group and look forward to what is to come. The activity that underpins these outcomes is generally based around also getting out and doing some community good.

In our case, the collaboration was with the Auckland branch of Conservation Volunteers New Zealand assisting them with the wider The Tamaki Estuary Restoration Project, helping with tree planting, releasing (modern day phrase for pulling weeds!) and litter clean up.

It was an exceptionally well organised day, including a very environmentally appreciative firm (Conservation Volunteers) providing a good background on the project, instructive and informative content and confirmation of a follow up on the day’s hard work being done by our RSM team so as to ensure that the planting, weeding and other work would not be a one-off with no follow up on progress.

About The Tamaki Estuary Restoration Project 

The Tamaki Estuary restoration project is a key component of an Auckland-wide greenway programme. With Auckland Council and Foundation North support, CVNZ will manage the community engagement and restoration works, ensuring that the key social and environmental benefits are realised and that the project outcomes are achieved. CVNZ will support the Tamaki Estuary restoration project by enhance the ecology through native planting, weed and pest management to particularly degraded environments alongside the Omaru Creek, Wai-oTaiki Bay nature reserve and Pt. England Reserve Estuary margin.

We will also establish effective and long standing community engagement through volunteering, support community building alongside urban regeneration in the area, support skills development and a pathway to employment for local and facilitate community engagement, including with local schools and mana whenua, in an area with relatively poor social indicators such as employment, crime and income levels and the most polluted waterway in the city.

The Tamaki area is also home to one of our nationally focused Threatened Species, the long fin eel. Eels are a strong indicator species of waterway health. Activities at Pt. England and the longfin eel include riparian restoration through clearing pest plants from riparian margins, planting native trees in winter months (planting is completed for 2018) to create shading and groundcover for cleared areas, providing food sources and increasing diversity. River clean ups are also needed to remove waste.

RSM World Day Activities

  • Tree Planting - 1,400 Native Trees planted by our team! 
  • Invasive weed removal
  • Litter clean ups along the coast, stream sides and walkway
  • Water testing & sample gathering

I am very proud of what everyone achieved at RSMNZ World Day 2019.  I wasn't feeling terribly enthused but once the gumboots went on and the sun came out (kind of) and we got stuck in, it felt so good to give back, to get involved with the wider RSM Team and get my hands dirty. Some people had to push themselves out of their comfort zone and we all worked together well.  Nga Mihi everyone, awesome team, awesome day! Lisa Murphy, Partner

Keep a look out for more from our RSM World Day efforts here and online our social media platforms. 



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