Why employ young people?

Our economy and communities thrive when our youth have the chance to contribute and learn on the job, but what are the advantages for business owners who employ young people? 

While “youth” is often defined as “a person aged 15 to 24 years”, there is no real definition of youth in terms of employment and education programmes.  Regardless of how you refer to them, it is not easy for our youth to find employment in today’s business environment, with many employers looking for experienced individuals.

So what incentive do business owners have to employ youth in their organisation?  Several key benefits include:

  • An investment into helping grow and develop the organisation
  • Technology savvy, motivated staff with fresh ideas and enthusiasm
  • The chance for managers and senior staff to refine their coaching skills
  • An opportunity to keep-up-to-date with developments in the industry
  • Potential to receive financial assistance from the government to hire, train and progress a youth into employment

When you are recruiting for a role, there are several areas which give a junior level employee the opportunity to show that they have the required skills and fit your organisation.

  • Internship
    An internship is a great way for a young person to showcase their relevant hard and soft skills during a protracted period of time in a business environment.
  • Trial period
    Employers are able to offer a trial period for up to the first 90 calendar days of employment. There are stringent rules for using this type of employment and fair and due process must be followed and adhered to.
  • Work experience
    Work experience prepares young people for future careers by letting them experience what work will be like, and what to expect. It gives employers confidence in the skills young people can bring to the workforce.

These types of employment provide the opportunity to answer the multitude of questions about prospective employees which can’t be squeezed into a short recruitment interview, such as: Do they have relevant skills? Do they have a ready and willing attitude? Are they willing to learn and expand their skill set? How good are they with technology? Are they resourceful? Do they fit well with the company culture?

In today’s fast paced economy, can you afford not to inject youth in your business?

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