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PO Box 9588, Newmarket 1149 Auckland

T: +64 (9) 367 1656

Our Auckland Central office located in Newmarket specialises in audit and assurance services.  Led by seven audit partners and supported by four audit managers, with a team of 40 full-time specialist auditors, audit is our speciality.  

All our team members are selected and trained not only to have excellent technical skills but also to work alongside and assist clients in a friendly helpful manner.  

We have a long and active direct involvement in audit and assurance standard setting ensuring we remain at the forefront of developments, giving you the assurance we comply with the highest professional standards.


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Office contacts

Colin Henderson
Audit Partner
Services: Audit and assurance

Elaine Yong 楊偉燕
Audit Partner
Services: Audit and assurance, China Practice Group

Jason Stinchcombe
Audit & Technical Partner
Services: Audit and assurance, Specialist services

Kumar Aravinda
Services: Audit and assurance

Steve Hayes
Managing Partner - Audit & International Contact Partner
Services: Audit and assurance

Brendon Foy
Audit Partner
Services: Audit and assurance

Wayne Tukiri
Audit & People Partner
Services: Audit and assurance

Mithun Lal
Senior Audit Manager
Services: Audit and assurance

Mwauluka Mubano
Senior Manager - Audit & Technical
Services: Audit and assurance, Specialist services

Rebecca Sculpher
Senior Audit Manager
Services: Audit and assurance

Craig Fisher
Services: Audit and assurance

Sharon Sim
Senior Audit Manager
Services: Audit and assurance

Office Services


Whether an audit is required by statute, the governing document or at the discretion of shareholders, directors or trustees, an audit of your financial statements is a significant tool in ensuring your financial statements accurately represent the transactions and activity of your organisation. Our client base is like a snapshot of New...

Other Assurance services

Review engagements A review is a defined engagement performed by independent assurance experts following review standards as issued by the External Reporting Board.  A review involves a lesser level of work and detail testing than an audit and hence provides a lesser level of assurance.  Whereas an audit provides a positive expression ...

Risk management

Helping YOU build a better business through risk management We understand the challenges facing business owners so we offer small, SME and multi-owner businesses a unique service to reduce their risks and run a better business. FREE Business risk management survey below Our solution to achieve these goals is the Better Business Program.&nb...

Internal audit

The increased focus on governance and controls has raised the profile and responsibility of internal auditors in both private and public organisations. Consequently internal auditors are assuming a more strategic role - linked to the overall assessment of risk. We work with management and business units to identify areas for improvement and e...

Governance and compliance

Our expertise and knowledge can assist your governing body improve your governance structure and processes. We provide independent, objective input to progress the strategic direction of your organisation. You receive the benefit of our broad experience across industries from multi-national corporations to charitable trusts, a true snapshot of t...

Fraud prevention and investigation

Fraud is an ever present risk. Fraud or improper conduct can occur in almost all business processes such as procurement, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, asset management, IT and the protection of confidential information and data. This financial and/or reputational harm can strike any organisation regardless of industry or sca...

Non-financial information assurance

Our expert auditors can assist in providing independent opinions over your non-financial reporting, including: Service performance information Specific information e.g. publication circulation information Internal control reports We also provide assistance to organisations developing their external non-financial reporting mechanisms....

Financial Reporting Advisory (IFRS or PBE/IPSAS)

Navigating the complexities of changing requirements within NZ equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards or the new Public Benefit Entity standards can sometimes appear overwhelming. Whether you require: Conversion scoping and transition assistance (NZ IFRS or PBE/IPSAS) Impact analysis for new accounting standards (e.g....

Due diligence

Inspect before you get.  It is a matter of prudence and good business practice.  Due diligence is a process to independently verify that a provider or potential acquisition can fully deliver on what has been promised and usually happens as the part of a final evaluation and negotiation.  Due diligence takes different forms depe...