Annual accounts outline the activity and performance of your business for a 12 months period.

Preparing your accounts annually provides a comprehensive overview of the previous fiscal year, ensuring your key stakeholders can understand the financial position of the company, including assets, liabilities and equity at year end.  Annual reporting is useful in identifying;

  •   where you can improve performance
  • what makes you money and what costs you money
  •  how the business is performing
  •  your tax requirements
  •  information required for investments or business loan applications
  •  setting and achieving key business milestones

The team at RSM New Zealand are able to work with you on your specific requirements and offer a complete service package including:

  •  completing the required legal and compliance documents
  •  advising you of the latest tax news
  •  preparing annual financial statements
  •  keeping your company status current on New Zealand Companies Office register
  •  maintaining records of directors, shareholders or trustees

We can assist during every stage of your company's development.  The right accountant will make life easier for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best.


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