Accounting and Business Advisory

At RSM New Zealand, we provide a complete range of accounting and business advisory services to help SME owners with their day-to-day administrative needs – such as company secretarial or compliance. Our advisory solutions are designed to allow you to focus on running your business.

Our business advice can also make a significant impact when it comes to planning for future wealth creation and maximising your wealth at retirement.

From protecting your assets to funding your business for growth, or developing an exit strategy to maximise your return for a comfortable retirement – our team of advisors will work with you to devise practical accounting and business advisory solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Our accounting and business advisory services

Business structures

In New Zealand, there are several different ways you can structure your business. With our in-depth knowledge, we’re well-positioned to help you find the best business structure to fit your needs and allow you to grow. Our advisory services include identifying the right option for you, setting up your preferred structure and registering you with government agencies for tax.

Compliance accounting solutions

Your annual accounts provide a complete overview of your business activities and performance during the previous fiscal year. The RSM New Zealand team offers bespoke accounting services to assist with every stage of your company’s development so you can concentrate on what you do best – from completing legal and compliance documents to preparing annual statements.

Forecasting and budgeting

Do you know the difference between a budget and a forecast? Our skilled team can predict the potential end-of-year results for your business based on your current year-to-date figures. Our specialist software can also help prepare accurate budgets and ensure reliable forecasts so you can enhance your business strategising and sustainability.

Management accounting services

Our accounting team can work with you to design management accounting solutions that are bespoke to your business. Our flexible systems can be adapted as your business changes and grows – allowing you to take informed day-to-day and short-term business strategy decisions using key financial information. As things can change rapidly in today’s business environment, our team can help make sure you’re ready to respond when they do.

Succession planning

With our business advisory services, RSM New Zealand can help you put in place a succession plan that delivers future growth and a higher survival rate. It can be an important part of any business strategy – having systems prepared so your business can continue operating without you. Thanks to our objective business advice, we can help make your planning and succession process much easier.

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