Tax is an inevitable part of business. Getting it wrong can prove detrimental and engaging professional tax advisers can help your business navigate through the complexities of tax legislation to ensure that it meets all of its tax obligations.

RSM New Zealand have extensive experience in providing corporate tax compliance and planning advice to a wide range of corporate clients. Our corporate tax compliance and planning services include;

  • Providing advice on business tax compliance and preparation of tax returns
  • Tax planning services (corporate, SME)
  • Succession and exit tax planning
  • Not for profit/tax exempt organisations
  • Employment tax services
  • Transaction services

Are you the director or shareholder in a company? Are you unsure if the company you are managing is meeting all of its tax obligations? Is your company in a growth phase and you need tax planning advice for the future? Has your business reached maturity and you want the most tax efficient way to plan for succession and business exit?

We can help.

When undertaking any new business opportunity, venture or direction, sound accounting and tax advice should be sought.

Here at RSM we take a balanced and integrated approach, allowing us to focus on the total business picture, not just your next return. RSM will help you define the right overall tax position, designed to save you money in complex tax environments, whilst at the same time meeting your larger business goals. At all times we aim to provide these services in a timely, seamless and cost effective manner.


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