Thinking about expanding your New Zealand business into an overseas market? Or are you considering New Zealand as a new place to locate your international operations? Does your business already have some presence in New Zealand but you are unsure of your tax obligations? Have you concerns regarding Transfer Pricing?

New Zealand has once again been voted the second most competitive OECD jurisdiction by the Tax Foundations International Tax Competiveness index. This places New Zealand ahead of trading partners Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States in having the best place to have and grow a business in. But this by no means that the tax rules aren’t equally as complex as other jurisdictions.

RSM New Zealand have extensive experience in providing international tax planning advice to a wide variety of entities in relation to both inbound and outbound investment structuring. Our international tax planning service includes providing advice on;

  •  Transfer Pricing
  •  Cross-border cash planning: dividend repatriation, funding, currency losses
  •  Individual Expatriate and Migrant advice
  •  GST and cross border issues
  •  Trans-Tasman tax issues
  •  Double Tax Treaties
  •  Controlled Foreign Company regime
  •  Thin Capitalisation

When considering any cross border transaction or international business plan, the international tax implications need to be considered. Tax is a highly complex area and internationally active businesses require not only in-depth and up-to date knowledge of domestic New Zealand rules but also access to professional advice from different jurisdictions in a timely manner.

In addition, transfer pricing and base erosion and profit shifting “BEPS’ are hot topics for tax authorities in all countries across the world. Internationally astute business need to have the correct international tax strategy plan in place.

Embracing the RSM International Tax Centre of Excellence approach, RSM New Zealand are committed to ensuring that the systems and processes behind providing international tax services meet the needs of our cross border clients.

Through our global network, you will have access to the highest level of professional international tax planning advice from across the globe. We can assist in coordinating and tailoring comprehensive and coherent tax planning strategies to your specific business needs so that these solutions can be delivered and can be seamlessly integrated into our clients business.


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