RSM among Norway's Best Places to Work in 2020



For the 17th year in a row, Great Place to Work has named Norway's Best Places to Work. The companies that top the ranking are characterised by managements that focus on employees and corporate culture as a key strategy for success. They take their employee's health seriously, build mutual trust, communicate openly and demonstrate that their companies make a positive contribution to society.

For the third year in row, RSM has not only earned Great Place to Work certification, has also been ranked one of Norway's Best Places to Work in the category 50–199 employees.

We are proud of being one of Norway's Best Places to Work, but the value lies in the insights, not in the ranking itself

We are of course delighted to be recognised as one of Norway's Best Places to Work, but the most important aspect of participating is the opportunity to find out how individual employees perceive their workplace and to receive concrete feedback on what RSM as an employer can improve on.

"Honest and concrete feedback is a prerequisite for enabling RSM to continue developing into the best version of itself," says Hans Ragnar Berg, Managing Partner in RSM. "We make active use of the Great Place to Work initiative, but the value we derive from it lies not in the ranking we receive but in the comprehensive and detailed feedback we get from our employees. It provides us with insights into what we need to improve on to create an even better workplace."

"An added value from Great Place to Work is the opportunity to compare ourselves with and be inspired by other companies of similar size in Norway," says Øyvind Sæther, Director People & Organisation in RSM. RSM is not out to win an award but rather to work systematically on developing and improving our workplace. We do this based on employee feedback and involvement."

About the survey

Great Place to Work measures the situation in the Norwegian labour market based on representative surveys in all sectors and size categories. This data shows – in absolute figures – the quality of corporate culture and leadership in the average company and what it takes to be among the best. The ranking is based on both an absolute assessment of the level for all Norwegian companies and a relative assessment of all eligible candidates.

More than 10,000 companies in more than 60 countries now use the Great Place to Work surveys. They do so first and foremost to gain highly relevant, practical and guiding insights that can help companies develop their own corporate culture and leadership. An additional effect for companies that meet the criteria is recognition as a good workplace.

Community is valued

This year's survey shows that a sense of community is the area where most employees have positive experiences. 91 per cent say they are made to feel welcome as new employees and 91 per cent say they are able to be themselves in their workplace. As many as 82 per cent agree that the best workplaces are characterised by a sense of family or teamwork, compared to 63 per cent on a nationwide basis.

"What I find most pleasing is the results regarding a sense of community and team spirit. That score has remained high from year to year and across departments. This lies at the heart of what has always defined RSM: a sense of community and great colleagues," says Øyvind Sæther.

Jannik Krohn Falck, CEO and Managing Partner in Great Place to Work, says:

"In RSM there is a strong focus on culture and leadership, and this is actively promoted by the top level in the organisation. Competence development is important in a strong specialist environment like RSM. RSM demonstrates a strong focus in this area, and that has produced good results. RSM employees have a strong sense of community, and they're proud of the work they do and what they accomplish. They have a culture in which they are given trust and responsibility. Trust combined with good structures and a culture characterised by fairness and equal opportunities produces results.



Jannik Krohn Falck, CEO and Managing Partner, Great Place to Work. Photo from this year's awards ceremony, which was arranged digitally.



Øyvind Sæther 
Director People & Organisation, RSM Norge AS
E: [email protected]
M: +47 91 56 56 99 



Jannik Krohn Falck
CEO and Managing Partner, Great Place to Work
E: [email protected]  
T: +47 92 21 27 47




The Great Place to Work Institute publishes Norway's Best Places to Work (Norges Beste Arbeidsplasser) annually. We survey employees' perceptions of their workplace across organisations, regardless of who they are or what they do. The analysis is thorough and comprises two components. All employees are asked to answer 58 questions covering key issues in the workplace. The company's formal and informal management and organisational policies and practices are also surveyed by means of an audit.

To be assessed, companies must have at least 20 employees and receive enough respondents to achieve a 95% confidence interval and a margin of error of 5% or less. The rankings are based not only on a relative assessment of all Norwegian companies, but also on an absolute assessment. This is achieved through representative national surveys, Nasjonal Tillitsindeks (national trust index). Great Place to Work then ranks the best companies in four categories: more than 500 employees, 200–499 employees, 50–199 employees and 20–49 employees. The Great Place to Work survey has been conducted internationally since 1998. Data from over 11 million employees in more than 10,000 companies on five continents is analysed annually.



Great Place to Work® is the global leader in building, sustaining and recognising organisational cultures that are defined by a high level of trust. Our perspective has been developed through learning from remarkable leaders, surveying millions of employees, and examining the practices of thousands of good workplaces around the world. We continually collect insights from organisations in all industries and sectors. Our purpose is to help organisations build and sustain a strong trust culture.

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