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Exam preparation for CTA

11 July 2022
Preparations for your final Certificate in Theory of Accounting (CTA) exams are likely the most stressful and emotionally gruelling time for a future Chartered Accountant. You will need to prioritise your studies above all else in this time and will need to come up with a plan to study smarter, not harder, as there is a significant amount of content.

Why work for RSM?

17 June 2022
One of the fundamental aspects of creating a satisfactory work environment is striking a balance between the employee, client and company needs. At RSM, we understand that a focus on all of these components is important for shaping our organisational culture and maintaining success in the corporate environment. 

The biggest opportunities of a training contract

20 January 2022
Any aspiring CA or AGA will need to push through the trial known as a training contract, or articles. Many who have been through this mill press will summarise it as an ordeal, but every one of them will have those wistful looks and sighs as they remember the good times.

Polishing your CV

12 November 2021
It’s amazing how the only thing that might be standing between you and obtaining your next job could be a document called a Curriculum Vitae. Even though the structure of a CV has changed over the years, there is still many people  who are still hanging on to the old, lengthy structure that was used long ago.

The importance of audit articles

29 July 2021
As aspiring Chartered Accountant (SA)’s, we all know the natural procession of the 3 year under grad degree, one-year honours, followed by 3 years of intense training and experience during audit articles (also known as a training contract). This includes 2 sets of board exams (ITC and APC).

How to be part of the CA(SA) team

20 May 2021
Have you ever considered a career in accounting, auditing, tax or financial management? Do you share the dream of many others of having those admired four letters at the end of your name someday – CA(SA)? Do you know the rules of the game to get there? Here is the low-down on how to qualify as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa.

The benefits of doing your training contract at a medium sized firm

4 August 2020
Congratulations on choosing the path to becoming a Chartered Accountant and holding the prestigious title of CA(SA). You have probably envisioned your first career move would be to receive a Training Contract at a reputable audit firm.

How to master a video interview

19 May 2020
COVID19 has brought numerous changes to the workplace.  The way we conduct interviews is one of them.  Gone are the days where you arrive at the doorstep of a potential employer with sweaty hands.  You will now be interviewed in the comfort of your own safe environment.

The life of a full time trainee accountant and student

6 May 2020
The journey of a trainee accountant is filled with trials and tribulations, especially so when you choose to work and study at the same time

The transition from an audit trainee to a supervisor

6 May 2020
As a trainee, I was always aware that the supervisors, managers and directors had oceans of work that we could scarcely perceive while attempting to fight our own battles, but one never understands the scope of such things until they are on the other side of the veil.

Completing your studies

14 February 2020
For those who are studying, thinking about studying and especially those thinking about studying again…

Secondment - Why trainees should apply

4 February 2020
I was seconded from the RSM South Africa offices to the RSM Australia Canberra office for a period of 3 months. It was a real eye opening experience. Here are some of the reasons why I applied for the secondment opportunity and why I think other trainees should apply as well.

My secondment experience and the importance of secondment

26 November 2019
Trainees at RSM are often given the opportunity of going on secondment to a number of countries around the world, including Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand and the UK, to name a few.

What not to do in a job interview

14 March 2019
Once your CV catches the eye of a recruiter, all you are really left with is to test that there is mutual compatibility. The problem with interviews, aside from being an inherently flawed way of selecting talent, is that it’s easy to get nervous, and it’s even easier to turn it into a complete social disaster.

How NOT to put your CV together

8 March 2019
I recently wrote an article on How not to get an increase, which surprisingly went down pretty well.  I decided to continue the theme and suggest a few things that should never, ever, be found on a CV.


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