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A secondment experience in Cape Town

13 December 2017
Doing a secondment abroad has been a long term goal from the first year of my studies at RSM UK. Back when I started in London, the firm was called Baker Tilly, and I was lucky enough to qualify at a time when we’d just rebranded and joined a large international network of firms. Riding that wave, I put my hand up to do a slightly longer than usual secondment.

Secondment in New Zealand

8 December 2017
Beautiful, strange, amazing, tough and awesome are few of the many words that spring to mind when reflecting back on my secondment experience to New Zealand.

The true worth of a secondment experience

13 October 2017
Employee secondments can benefit employers through developing good business relationships on a global level and sharing and enhancing employees' skills. At the same time, they can offer employees a valuable career development opportunity, with the chance to make new contacts and gain experience within a different working environment.

Performance reviews for trainees

24 May 2017
Performance reviews are a part of being a trainee accountant and are important to ensure you develop into a skilled professional. One of our trainees takes a look at how best to handle the performance review.

Where to complete your articles

29 July 2016
A big decision that any aspiring CA faces is deciding where to complete their three year training contract. There are so many options, making it a difficult and sometimes overwhelming decision. Here are some considerations to take into account when making your decision:

The Value of the Audit Training Contract

9 May 2016
The new intake of trainee accountants who started in February 2016 have just completed the first few months of their audit training contract.

Putting the fun back in auditing

25 September 2015
Why did the auditor cross the road? Because they looked in the file and that’s what they did last year.

10 Commandments of the corporate jungle

25 September 2015
In the corporate jungle we generally have three kinds of animals. First, there is the kind that fits in well. They come to work, do their work (and a little bit more) and usually end up getting the benefits in the form of promotion opportunities or remuneration increases.

Prepare your fields

25 September 2015
If you’re praying for rain, make sure that you prepare your fields to receive it.  This statement is what I feel got me through the last leg of the CA (SA) gauntlet and to where I am today.  I feel very privileged to be standing here at the finish line with more gained than I could ever have imagined, and certainly not worse for wear.

Full or part time- which way to go?

25 September 2015
Once you get to the end of your high school life, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is what to do once school is over. For the lucky few, it is all planned out and they know exactly what they want to do or what they want to become. For the majority however, it is a much more difficult decision.