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RSM can help your organisation to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your financial reporting to meet the requirements of key regulatory bodies. Our team are highly knowledgeable and up to date with all regulatory body developments and can provide guidance that is commercially astute and will enhance the ability of your organisation to deliver value to its stakeholders.

Bringing together a unique set of skills and expertise, RSM can provide you with high-level advice on issues relating to:

  • IFRS
  • IFRS for SMEs
  • GRAP

International expansion plans often involve transactions that are increasingly likely to call for a detailed understanding of IFRS. RSM can provide you with precise, tailored advice and guide you through the business implications of IFRS.

Our IFRS experts will support and guide your business through a range of potentially complex IFRS issues. Our services (comprising full IFRS and the IFRS for SMEs) include:

  • IFRS conversion projects
  • Advice on structuring share option plans and other share-based payments
  • Audit Hof IFRS financial statements
  • Reconciliations between IFRS and other financial reporting frameworks (e.g. US or local GAAP)
  • IFRS training and technical assistance
  • Assistance in the preparation of IFRS accounting manuals and their implementation

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