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With many organisations extending their global footprint, this has an impact on their statutory audits and choice of global service providers.

RSM specialise in providing audit services to companies with a global footprint. We recognise the importance of having a service provider that understands the economies that you trade in and being able to integrate that into the group audit strategy as well as the financial results.

Standardised audit methodology

Utilsing RSM Luca, RSM's dynamic digital audit ecosystem, RSM members firms across the world are able to offer a seamless delivery of high quality audit services to global clients.

By utilising one global network with a common methodology and digital audit platform on the audit of a multinational organisation, the client also benefits from clearer communication channels between member firms, better sharing of information and a standardised approach to all elements of the audit in each jurisdiction. This produces a smoother audit process with better results.

Quality and independence

Our Centres of Excellence ensure we are at the forefront of international best practice. Every RSM member firm is required to maintain high standards of technical excellence, with a focus on providing an outstanding service to clients. This ensures that you’ll find the same commitment to quality and excellence around the world.

RSM is a member of the Forum of Firms, promoting consistent and high quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

RSM also utilises a global relationship management system that has been developed to ensure independence of all members firms in an engagement. This system safeguards the collective objectivity of our firms and ensures we avoid conflicts of interest.

Mutlinational audits at RSM

We offer a seamless cross border audit solution that utilises a standardised audit methodology across the globe. This gives multinational groups the comfort of knowing that they can expect the same high level of service in every country where RSM operates.

RSM Luca

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RSM Luca | RSM Audit Methodology

RSM Luca is our dynamic digital audit ecosystem, enabling us to deliver compelling human insights powered by technology.  

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