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Human Resources

The effects of a positive work environment on employee performance

30 July 2019
The workplace consists of diverse and dynamic individuals who have come together for the common purpose of performing their duties and tp contribute to the success of the organisation.

Agile employee lifecycle

14 May 2019
Traditional employee lifecycle

The generation of gamification

11 April 2019
Organisations are populated with employees from various generations often referred to as; the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials. At a certain point in time a generation gradually leaves the organisation.

Making informed decisions: Human Resources

18 April 2016
Who to Employ? The question of who to employ in order to achieve the business’s goals is absolutely fundamental. Who a business employs will influence the business’s structure, procedures and profit.

Maternity leave and pregnancy - Instalment 4

25 September 2015
Instalment 4: What should a pregnant employee do if they feel like they are being discriminated against in their workplace for being pregnant?

Maternity leave and pregnancy - Instalment 3

25 September 2015
Instalment 3: Are there any cases in South Africa where women have been discriminated against for being pregnant?

10 Rules for employers

25 September 2015
Here is a list of 10 quick things that can assist any Employer to effectively manage their Employees leading to an improved employment relationship, increased productivity and higher retention rates: 1. Use protection…

What is the cost of an employee?

25 September 2015
Recently we have been bombarded by the media on the topic of Job Creation. There are many initiatives, often implemented at great cost to the taxpayer, aimed at Job Creation which don’t seem to be working out as planned.


25 September 2015
It’s nearly that time of the year again!

Maternity leave and pregnancy: Instalment 2

23 September 2015
Instalment 2: What are a pregnant employee’s legal obligations in declaring her pregnancy when a) applying for a job and b) telling her employer that she is pregnant?