What did you do before coming to RSM?

On graduating in Economics and Management in July 2017 and immediately started searching for a job. I was looking for a dynamic place to work where I could learn something new every day. I chose RSM because of the possibility for professional growth, and I also had the chance to work with colleagues from around the world. I began my experience in RSM Italy in September 2017 in the local office of Brescia, a city near Milan.

What was your first impression of RSM?

To me, RSM appeared to be a company that cares a lot about its people and about making a strong group at work - and this has been proven in my experience at RSM.

Silvia What has been your favourite experience at RSM?

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be involved in international projects such as “The Forward Sprint”: a new project that aims to identify, train, and leverage the creative thinking capabilities of RSM’s young professionals all over Europe. In my team, there were people from France, Greece, Israel, Malta and Netherlands. It was very interesting to discuss our different ideas coming from our different experiences and cultures.

I think that this experience has been one of the most interesting during my RSM career and the one that helped me grow the most.

What is it like working for a global organisation?              

It is great to have the opportunity to be able to work on projects within the International Community - it’s one of the most challenging and exciting things. In RSM, I can grow very fast; see a lot of different clients and markets; and with different colleagues and teams.

Outside of RSM, who are you?                                          

I am an ambitious person. I like to overcome a new obstacle every day and reach the summit by myself.

In addition, I like to increase my experiences in my private life (for example, I love travelling and seeing new places, making new sports, tasting different foods, and building my own family too). And I have the same character at work.

What would you tell someone who might be considering a career with RSM?

“I think that RSM is the right place in which you can experience inclusion - there are so many chances to find your place not only in the national team, but also within an amazing international community.”