Before RSM, what was your career?

With a master’s degree in human resources management, I had an HR role before joining the Big 4 and subsequently RSM. 

I had an interview with RSM, and then one with another accountancy network. RSM had an office that was unlike a corporate setting - a restored historical building, filled with art and even a garden. I chose RSM because it felt different and I felt comfortable within their environment.  

Before RSM, I worked as a consultant for another large accountancy network, but when I had a personal crisis and needed to take a day off, I found the support from my employer was not there for me.

What do you like best about working in RSM?

This is one of the things I like about RSM - if you want something within the company, there is always a space for you to pitch your new ideas and achieve buy-in from the Board. And this to me, means that you are allowed to be who you are within the company. You can bring yourself to work and you can love it here. 

I would say this organisation feels less corporate, there is less distance, and it is more open in a way - not as a space, but as an environment. People share their everyday stories, they laugh, and they listen. If you need help solving something, there is always someone to help you.

How have you developed your career at RSM?

Having been at RSM for 8 years, I have been through many life events and I have always had the support of my team, our leading partner, and RSM at large.

When RSM was looking for an HR Manager, details about the position was shared with us, in case we wanted to refer a candidate. I found myself thinking about this internal role. I realised that I like being a consultant, but I really appreciate the continuity, the balcony perspective, and the control you have in a role that serves the internal team. I like working with people, for people. 

I wanted to apply. However, I was very worried though about the reaction of my seniors if I did apply. Nobody wants to lose a senior resource, and how will this look - like I'm jumping ship? On the other hand, I was aware of how demotivated I would be if I did not apply. I shared the idea and my concerns with our innovation manager who helped me reconcile my ambition with RSM's need and gave me the energy I needed. I came up with a new, hybrid role, split between Tax and HR. My leading partner helped me define the new role and gave me the support I needed. Our Head of Tax told me that if this what I wished for myself professionally, “Let's do it”. She gave me what I needed to grow.

“People share their everyday stories, they laugh, and they listen. If you need help solving something, there's always someone to help you.”