Risk advisory services

Risk management that protects you against business threats 

At RSM Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have experts who specialize in risk management solutions. This means we are expertly placed to help you protect your business and its success. In doing so, you're free to enhance the value that you deliver to stakeholders long into the future. 

Our risk advisory services are based on a solid understanding of the threats that your business can face. From the global banking crisis to the rise of cybercrime – recent history highlights the importance of identifying threats and responding appropriately at an early stage. 

As a result, our risk advisory specialists are active, not reactive. We offer valuable support and guidance as your systems and processes develop. And our expertise and knowledge ensure we continue to sit at the forefront of implementing new ways of managing risk on your behalf. 

Our risk advisory services 

Our experts can create and implement bespoke risk advisory solutions for your business across several areas. These include: 

Risk management 

Our approach to risk management can support you in numerous ways. Our specialists will work with you to ensure that you are risk-aware, can focus on areas of increased risk, or bridge silos so that managing risk is made more effective across organizational boundaries.  

Not only does our approach help you better mitigate risk, but it also lets you pursue intelligent risk-taking to achieve exceptional performance. 

Internal auditing 

RSM can help you manage enterprise risks and execute strategies. We work with you and your board to protect the value that shareholders receive. At the same time, we'll strive to enhance the effectiveness, quality, and value you derive from internal auditing.  

With a deep understanding of industry sectors and markets, we're prepared to help transform your internal auditing function. The aim of this? To improve overall business performance and add greater value to your company. 

Governance and compliance 

Are you under unrelenting pressure to realize strategic objectives or improved profitability? It can feel so hard when there is growing pressure from increasing regulatory activity. But that's where our risk management specialists can help.  

We'll work with you to enhance the effective management of any governance, regulatory, and compliance risks on an ongoing basis. Our expertise, knowledge, and tools allow you to better anticipate the changing regulatory landscape – and to prepare your enterprise for success. 

IT risk advisory and management 

IT is critical to the operations of any organization. Even so, there are some key questions that remain a struggle.  

  • Can your business generate value from IT-enabled investments?  
  • How do you maintain high-quality information to support business decisions?  
  • What is needed to ensure IT-driven projects need to meet time and budget constraints – as well as business and quality requirements?  
  • What is the best way to optimize IT budget use? 

For all these questions and more, our IT risk management team can support your organization. By aligning IT objectives with those of your wider organization, our experts can advise on how best to implement and operate efficient and effective systems – and how to keep them secure. 

Explore our risk advisory services in more detail  

Will your business benefit from a robust, high-quality approach to risk management? If so, you can't afford to leave it to chance. Get in touch with RSM now and explore how our risk advisory solutions can cater for all critical functions of your organization. 

To speak to a member of our risk advisory team, please call us on +387 33 979 440 or contact us online. With our track record of success in this field, we'll help you unlock your potential. 

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