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The energy sector globally is in a constant state of change as consumption levels rise and climate change presents new challenges. Differences in tax legislation, rising costs associated with major projects and increasing environmental and safety requirements can present significant challenges to organisations seeking to grow existing operations and expand into new areas.

Across the network as a whole, we work with businesses worldwide to address the energy issues of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.

Energy sector is one of the most powerful in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with long tradition, huge potentials and opportunities for further development and investment as well as with intentions to become integral part of European energy market and community.

B&H energy sector encompasses the following main subsectors:

• Coal

• Electric power

• Oil & Natural gas

Coal is one of the most important energy resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Major deposits of lignite and brown coal are sited all around Federation of B&H and Republic of Srpska. Most of the existing coal mines fuel thermal power plants (TPP) in both entities. Coal mines situated in Northeast and Central Bosnia serve two TPPs, Kakanj and Tuzla, operated within the company Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine, whereas Ugljevik Coal Mine and TPP, and Gacko Coal Mine and TPP are operated within the company Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske.

Electricity is predominantly produced in hydro and thermal power plants. Currently, the production facilities, with total installed capacities of 4000 MW, exceed the domestic demand, and the electricity is exported.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is predominantly dependent on import of the liquid fuel and natural gas. A total of about 150 million USD were invested in oil and gas exploration, and the results indicated that both areas were rather perspective in terms of oil and gas prospecting. The oil and gas exploration results in Bosnia and Herzegovina justify further explorations and indicate that there are realistic possibilities of finding commercially viable deposits

RSM team has significant experience working in the global and Bosnian energy industry. With experts from a wide range of areas, our experience extends through all phases of the project life cycle, from initial appraisal through to project completion and assurance services.