Due Diligence Services

As a business, you want to maximize the value of every transaction. At RSM, we're here to help you do that. With our due diligence services, we take a focused and tailored approach to rapidly identify and understand every factor involved in a deal. From flagging potential deal-breakers to value driver identification – we'll explore all areas of specific interest to our clients. 

Our financial due diligence services are shaped by the skills and experience of our specialists. It is why we have a strong global reputation for offering the advice and reports that you need. We know that due diligence is an integral part of a successful transaction. And that is why we strive to provide a high-quality and comprehensive service to each client – large or small. 

What can our due diligence specialists do for you? 

Our extensive due diligence consultancy is equipped to meet all your requirements. On the buy-side or sell-side, our consultants have the knowledge that achieves results. Our services include: 

Financial due diligence 

It is critical to complete thorough financial accounting due diligence in any transaction involving your organization. For buyers, this can ensure the price you are paying is a fair one. For sellers, meanwhile, our specialists can check that your accounts and reports are accurate and provide a potential purchaser with a compelling argument to complete the deal. 

Operational due diligence 

For our due diligence consultants, finances are not the only aspect to consider. We must look at the operational capabilities of a potential new addition to your business. In a lot of cases, this is related to the technical systems in place. But it covers factors such as supply chains and human resources too – and help identify integration priorities in mergers or acquisitions

IT due diligence 

Our IT due diligence services are all about making sure that infrastructure is up to the task. One aim of our specialists will be to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the technology in an organization – whether it is your own, or one you're looking to buy. When IT is such an integral part of modern business, our operational and technical skills will make sure it is fit for purpose. 

How to find out more about our due diligence services 

Do you feel that your existing due diligence processes are up to the job? Could you benefit from the experience of a team with a proven record in delivering for clients? Buy-side or sell-side, our due diligence specialists are here for you. To discuss your needs with a member of our dedicated team, call +387 33 979 440. Alternatively, you can also email us to start the conversation. 

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