Leveraged Buy-out, Management Buy-out, Management Buy-in

Our team has developed strong expertise in evaluating the strategic positioning of enterprises of various sizes and across industries. We believe that such periodic assessments in the context of M&A are a crucial component to the development of cohesive growth and business development strategies.

Depending on the client’s needs and objectives, our team delivers detailed assessment and tangible recommendations, related to:

  • Identification of competitive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through a comprehensive SWOT analysis
  • Assessment of operating goals and financial sustainability in light of opportunities for organic vs. acquisitions growth
  • Assessment of market positioning, competitive landscape, partnership/JV and acquisition opportunities
  • Assessment of the need for capital structure optimization in order to enhance market competitiveness
  • Assessment of the need for further vertical/horizontal integration through acquisitions/divestments in order to enhance market competitiveness
  • Identification of adjacent/complementary markets and business lines to enter through organic vs. acquisition growth

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