Tools and methodology

Tools and methodology

Case Ware audit methodology, is designed to deliver a consistent standard of audit service to clients, no matter where they operate. Audit teams therefore avoid the need to reconcile documentation from a patchwork of different tools. Case Ware features a partner-led process that focuses the audit effort in those areas of the financial statements that represent the greatest risk. Using Case Ware to its best advantage requires understanding your business and the environment in which it operates. In addition to providing insight for making better risk assessments, this deep understanding places your audit team in a position to provide valuable advice and recommendations.

Using Case Ware, audit teams identify financial statement risks and link them to the processes and internal controls that you have established to address those risks. This enables our team to tailor an audit response that is appropriate to the assessed risks. Case Ware assists audit teams in documenting, evaluating and testing of internal controls. As a result, it helps auditors to identify opportunities for strengthening internal controls. 

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