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IT Due Diligence

Our professionals provide hands-on leadership and management of IT functions for both distressed and healthy organizations. Our primary objective is to identify opportunities that reduce costs or increase the efficiency of IT across an enterprise or across a portfolio.

Our IT Due Diligence services include:

  • Review IT Operating and Capital Budgets
    • Recommend appropriate level of IT spend based on the company's size and scale
    • Develop budget approximations, if needed
    • Determine relevance to EBITDA projections and management requirements
  • Review In-Flight and Planned IT Projects and Investments
    • Evaluate project priorities and estimated project spend
    • Analyze IT project pipeline and impact on CAPEX / OPEX schedules
  • Review Technology Environment and Architecture, Focusing on Operational and Financial Risks and Opportunities
    • Evaluate if IT assets will likely scale to meet business growth projections
    • Assess IT Infrastructure and Network Technologies
    • Assess stability of core IT assets to determine need for upgrades, if an
    • Assess sufficiency of disaster recovery capability
  • Review the IT Organization
    • Evaluate capability of IT leader and key resources
    • Recommend overall next steps and develop initial transition pl

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