At the beginning of the year, societies, organisations and governments the world over were still coming to terms with the accelerated change instigated by the global pandemic. Further challenges to business were posed through a number of geopolitical events, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which continues to impact supply chains, energy costs, trade and most important of all, people. 

This period in world history is seeing continuous and accelerated change across all business areas. Understanding this and taking all that we have learned over the last number of years, in 2022 we accelerated our transformation agenda, while playing an active role in supporting our clients to transform. The initiatives and activities in 2022 were therefore focused on developing RSM’s IT infrastructure, better utilising and protecting data, exploring new approaches to delivering our traditional services, identifying new forward-looking services, and reemphasised RSM’s purpose-based culture. This was all towards putting RSM in the strongest position possible to provide increased value and support to our clients and people – nationally, regionally and globally. 

Our focus and efforts in 2022 will provide strong foundations for RSM’s future