Probity is often considered the "integrity and uprightness" of a process.  Public and occasionally, private sector organisations, conduct tender processes which often require the appointment of a probity advisor or probity auditor. 

“Probity : the quality of having strong moral principles, honesty and decency”

A probity adviser is an external consultant appointed to assist in the procurement process and will:

  • provide scrutiny (by way of observing and reviewing) of the procurement process, to ensure that due process is followed;
  • provide advice on issues which may arise before and during the process; and
  • ensure that the process is equitable and conducted with integrity.

A probity adviser should be used as the exception rather than the rule, however the use of a probity adviser would be beneficial where:

  • the procurement is of high value;
  • the matter is highly complex, unusual or contentious; or
  • the matter is politically sensitive.

Public demand continues to require more and more transparency and RSM New Zealand are often appointed to act in an independent professional manner.  We provide advice on tender processes and issues to ensure they are fair, equitable and most importantly, defensible. 

Our probity team have been involved in several large probity assignments and have the experience to assist with all probity requirements to ensure the correct procedures ae following throughout the process.


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