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Phishing and whaling – Don’t get hooked!

19 October 2016
With cyber-attacks on organisations on the increase one of the most common attack techniques we are seeing at present continues to be phishing and whaling attacks.  So what are these?  And more importantly; what can you do to stay safe?

Fraud Insights - a series of practical videos to help alert people to fraud risks and techniques

5 October 2016
Instances of fraud are not only becoming more prevalent but are also increasing in complexity. Auditors have a responsibility to remain alert to the prospect of fraud and professional scepticism is crucial.

The importance of segregation of duties in preventing fraud

16 June 2016
The National Business Review (NBR) recently published an article profiling Upper Hutt College, whose former executive officer Donald Hancox plead guilty to 10 fraud charges in relation to his swindling $375,000 from the college. 

Fraud | Financial Whaling Scam

20 January 2016
Whaling, a take on the term 'phishing' targets high-level executives, using email addresses similar to employee addresses, to make it appear as though they're requesting the funds.

Your organisation is at risk from fraud!

14 February 2015
Hopefully that headline gets your attention. Sadly in our experience as auditors this statement is true. We are yet to find the perfectly protected organisation when it comes to fraud risk. However there are some basic things any organisation can do to help protect itself.