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RSM RUS provides qualified professional appraisal services of the real estate, business, securities, industrial and office equipment, intellectual property and investment projects. We have wide experience in appraising property for the purposes of equity infusion, collateralization, support for transactions with state property and evaluating assets for the IFRS purposes. An independent appraisal conducted by the specialists of our company will help you to establish the objective value of the property and will be an important argument when considering all issues related to management decisions.

All appraisers of our company have a special education, which allows them to engage in appraisal activities. They are also members of self-regulating organizations (SROs).

Appraisal necessity

As practice shows, most often the need for an appraisal occurs in the following cases:

  • When making sales transactions. Transactions in buying and selling are carried out in large numbers. But in this case it's more correct to talk not about the service of evaluation in its pure form, but about consulting, clarifying the expert's opinion on the value of the subject of the forthcoming transaction. An appraisal report is also a tool in determining the price range if the affiliated parties are involved, since the price of such transactions are the subject of particularly close attention of tax authorities.
  • When obtaining a property-secured loan. Appraising the subject of collateral helps to determine the exact ratio between the size of the loan and the value of the property that goes off as security for the loan relationship. Such an appraisal gives confidence to the bank that the collateral can be sold for the amount that the loan was provided.
  • When insuring property. Estimating the value of property may be required to agree on the insurance benefit amount. The importance of having a report on the insured property evaluation also consists in the fact that an independent examination does not allow the insurer to subsequently challenge the insurance coverage under the contract.
  • When making non-cash equity infusions. According to the legislation, property valued from 20 000 rubles, transferred as payment for a LLC equity share, is subject to mandatory appraisal. If the property is used as a contribution to the authorized capital, the valuation should be carried out regardless of the value of the property.
  • When liquidating an enterprise. When liquidating an enterprise through a bankruptcy procedure, the need for an appraisal arises at the stage of bankruptcy proceedings. Based on the conclusion of the appraiser, the court-appointed manager determines the value of the property for the purpose of its subsequent sale.
  • When making investment decisions. The aim of the appraiser's work in this case is to determine the cost of the investment project on a clearly defined valuation date in accordance with the current valuation standards. As a rule, it may be necessary for co-investors to enter the project, attract borrowed funds for the implementation of an investment project in a bank or investment funds, etc.
  • When resolving property disputes. Evaluation is necessary for the marriage contracts drawing up, spouses property partition, at the request of both or one of the parties in the event of a dispute over the value of this property.

The success of the entire transaction often depends on the accuracy of appraisal.

We provide the following services:

  • Company Value Management
  • valuation of business
  • determination of the main quantitative and qualitative factors affecting the value of the business;
  • assessment of the sensitivity of the business for each of the identified factors;
  • scenario analysis of business development;
  • development of a system of key performance indicators and a system for monitoring the company's activities in the process of creating value.
  • Estimation of business value (individual blocks of shares, stakes)
  • realization of property rights on business
  • security lending
  • restructuring of companies / holdings
  • Asset valuation for the preparation of financial statements under IFRS.
  • Development of business plans for companies. Analysis and evaluation of the investment projects’ economic efficiency.
  • Assistance in attracting capital
  • analysis of the company's activities and financing prospects;
  • analysis of capital raising sources;
  • analysis of financial and economic activities of companies with the purpose of expressing an opinion on their actual financial condition and identifying existing and potential risks of financial losses. Development of mechanisms that will eliminate identified problems;
  • monitoring of the company's activities after capital raising.
  • Regional and industry market research, including analysis of potential sales markets.


Benefits for our clients:

  • RSM RUS provides a wide range of valuation and business planning services in all sectors of the economy.
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality.
  • We provide high-quality services and are responsible for the result.
  • The schedule of our work will be adjusted for you.
  • We have international experience in conducting evaluation work.

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