Legal advisory

Organization of legal services of the company is a complex process that requires a comprehensive approach and a detailed knowledge of all aspects of economic activities of the entity. For our clients we offer legal advisory services on a permanent basis, and as a single legal assistance in a particular situation.

Providing services in the sphere of legal and tax consulting is in complete accordance with the practical understanding of the market realities – when implementing projects, we take into account specifics of client’s economic sector and use a comprehensive approach to consulting.

The department of legal and tax consulting applies proven techniques that give a positive result, including solving difficult issues.

Our main principles are professionalism, strict adherence to the agreements and individual approach to each client.

We do not just offer a set of legal services; our goal is to understand customer needs and to do everything possible to meet them.

Scope of services:

  • tax consulting:
    • tax audit of tax accounting;
    • tax assessment of projects and transactions;
    • recommendations for optimization of the company’s taxation;
    • analysis and explanation of the actions and decisions of tax authorities;
    • development of the individual's legal position and protection of the client’s interests before tax authorities and arbitration courts;
    • consulting in regards to current tax laws
  • preparation of documents and conducting competitive bidding (tenders);
  • litigation;
  • securities:
    • support of the issue of shares and debt securities of Russian issuers;
    • accompanying the release of the securities of foreign issuers in the Russian Federation;
    • preparation and provision of IPO;
    • accompanying the acquisition of shares/stakes in companies;
    • attraction of project financing;
    • information disclosure in the securities market
  • land, real estate and construction:
    • provision of legal expertise (due diligence) on documents, analysis of existing client’s title to property and investment rights, and issue of recommendations, support implementation of the recommendations in practice;
    • development and implementation, taking into account the interests of the client circuits for acquisition or alienation of property, the participation in the investment project;
    • Representation and protection of client's interests in the courts - both in the cases initiated by the client, and in the framework of cases initiated against the client;
    • representation of clients in government and in negotiations with contractors;
    • one-time consulting on client’s current issues in the field of real estate and construction
  • privatization of the company (legal support, through the entire privatization process and its individual steps);
  • service maintenance of fuel-energy complex and other sectors of the economy;
  • corporate law:
    • advising on the legislation regarding joint stock companies;
    • state registration of legal entities and individuals without a legal entity;
    • legal support of FSA disclosure by submission of quarterly reports, corporate event announcement;
    • compiling lists of affiliated persons;
    • issuance of securities, registration of securities and reports on the results;
    • development of company’s corporate documents;
    • organization of the preparation and conducting of general meetings of shareholders: listing shareholders entitled to participate in the meeting, drafting and sending letters with notice about a general meeting of shareholders, voting ballots, drawing up protocols and reports of voting results, protocols of general meetings of shareholders and protocols of the Board of Directors;
    • development of appropriate company’s management structure;
    • legal assistance to solve corporate conflicts (issues)


We have extensive experience in advising and supporting various transactions following areas: antitrust regulation, bankruptcy, labor relations, intellectual property, foreign trade, advertising, exchange control, budget control, money laundering, and many other areas.

Minimise the gap between business advisors and legal counsel.

We understand the increasingly complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws of the global economy. Many RSM firms provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions and offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of some routine legal activities. To thrive in this world, you need access to legal advice that you can trust.

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