RSM RUS offers a wide range of highly professional accounting services to our clients, including financial accounting and reporting in accordance with Russian legislation and restating financial reports in accordance with International standards. RSM RUS can help you with your day-to-day administrative and secretarial needs. We provide solutions for streamlining your accounting and bookkeeping procedures, so you can get on with running your business while knowing that all the accounting and statutory needs are being taken care of.

Our experts have extensive experience in consulting of private and state companies, including companies with foreign investments. Before becoming part of our company, they worked for both Russian and Foreign companies in manufacturing and financial sectors. The above experience provides them with knowledge of specific issues facing heads of accounting and financial departments in the organization.

If necessary, we are able to attract RSM International experts who have experience of working with big international companies.

Scope of services:

  • setting of financial and taxation accounting;
  • methodology of financial and taxation accounting;
  • record-keeping of accounting and taxation;
  • provision of accounting services;
  • advising in the development of the accounting policy’s orders for a particular company;
  • comprehensive analysis of accounting and its integration into the financial and management accounting;
  • consulting and development of technical specifications within projects of automation of accounting work;
  • consultation regarding the restoration of accounting and reporting

How can we help you?

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