Compelling human insights powered by technology

RSM Luca is our dynamic digital audit ecosystem, enabling us to deliver compelling human insights powered by technology. 

Integrating sophisticated technologies and efficient processes, RSM Luca deepens client understanding and forward-thinking insights, ensuring impactful and continual innovation.

Combined with our middle market and industry knowledge, RSM Luca empowers our talented people to deliver modern, digital, high-quality, tailored audits, that bring clarity and instill confidence in a world of change.


What RSM Luca offers your audit:

Empowers your business | RSM Luca

Empowers your business

  • RSM Luca increases audit efficiency and effectiveness, enabling human-led, forward-thinking analysis, data-driven insights and high-quality audits.
  • RSM Luca allows our teams to be more impactful as we work together, so that you can make more confident business decisions.
Modern, digital, agile audit | RSM Luca

Facilitates delivery of modern, digital, agile and tailored audits that bring clarity to your unique environment

  • RSM Luca accelerates how we discover, validate and analyse your unique data with agility, so we can better connect increasingly complex information. 
  • As we combine knowledge of your business with our technical, middle market and industry perspectives, RSM Luca helps us generate deeper insights that enable our teams to provide you with a personalised audit experience. 
Innovative audits | RSM Luca

Simplifies and enriches your audit experience, and enables innovation

  • RSM Luca is continually evolving as we explore new and innovative ways to improve efficiency and deepen insight.
  • RSM Luca allows us to evolve and improve your audit experience to meet your changing needs and expectations, keeping us at the forefront of global assurance delivery.

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