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Corporate tax consulting

Whilst tax is an inevitable part of running your business, using a qualified tax consultant to assist with your corporate tax affairs has many benefits. Inadequate or improper handling of tax issues can result in major financial consequences and restrict your company’s ability to invest and grow.

Corporate tax consulting services are also a vital part of effective tax planning. We consult on all matters of taxation based on your specific requirements. With effective planning and sound advice, you can make practical and informed decisions, as well as being able to understand the potential tax impacts of those decisions.

Tax compliance

Maintaining a sound tax compliance status is critical for both peace of mind and to minimise the risk of falling out of favour with the local tax authorities. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with their corporate tax compliance affairs. This includes:

  • Completion and submission of statutory provisional and annual tax returns
  • Monitoring the status of our clients’ compliance obligations
  • Communicating with the taxation authority on your behalf to obtain responses and corrective action when necessary
  • Processing of registrations for all forms of taxation
  • Applications for tax clearance certificates
  • Dividends tax declarations
  • Transfer Duty submissions
  • Electronic Securities Transfer Tax submissions

International tax

Cross-border transactions present unique challenges from a tax point of view. Internationally active businesses find that compliance with the ever-increasing complexity of tax rules around the world requires not only in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of local rules but also the co-operation between tax professionals in different jurisdictions. We have access to tax professionals in over 100 countries who are able to provide the necessary country specific advice on tax matters in their relevant jurisdictions.

We offer expert advice that includes the following areas:

  • Exposure to local direct and indirect taxes on transactions within South Africa
  • Advise on the tax implications of both immigration and emigration
  • Advise on international tax structures and the impacts thereof with reference to relevant Double Taxation Agreements and our international associates worldwide
  • Compliance with complex Transfer Pricing rules
  • Taxation of expat workers on assignment in South Africa

Indirect and other taxes

To overlook or undermine the importance of indirect and other taxes such as Value-added Tax, payroll taxes or Customs Duties may place your business at risk of exposure to unnecessary penalties and interest, as well as tarnish your business reputation.

We are able to assist in advising or consulting on these indirect taxes in the scope of your specific business operations. That includes aspects from the registration for the relevant tax type, as well as general consulting or assistance in attending to disputes with the authorities.

Specialist tax services

As the risk of being exposed to an audit or review by the authorities is more of a reality than a matter of chance, it is becoming ever more important for businesses to be proactive in ensuring that they are compliant with all tax obligations. It must also be appreciated that a statutory audit of a company’s records is not necessarily designed to identify all instances where weaknesses may exist or to address all areas of potential non-compliance.

We are able to assist in specialist tax services such as VAT and payroll tax compliance investigations or factual findings investigations to address specific areas of risk as identified by the taxpayer.

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